About us

In August 2022, Willem Mees van der Bijl founded Dune Innovation. With over 20 years experience in leading product development projects in highly regulated fields, such as Medical Device and Child Safety, Willem Mees identified the need for an expert multi-disciplinary team, that can bring MedTech innovations to the world with less risk and higher chance of success.

Dune Innovation’s aim is to grow this multi-disciplinary team, and to design, develop and deliver medical innovations. The team consists of professionals in Industrial Design; Engineering; Manufacturing; Quality; Regulatory; Clinical and Project Management. We work according to ISO13485.

We develop MedTech innovations together with Start-Ups and Multinationals. In some cases we start a new business around the product to bring it to market. Take a look at www.spatiummedical.com

Meet our team of developers and ingenieurs

Willem-Mees van der Bijl

Founder of Dune Innovation

With over 20 years experience in developing innovative products, Willem Mees has a passion for leading multi-disciplinary product development teams and creating Medical Devices.

Lies Keijser

Product Developer

Lies obtained her Master’s degree in integrated product design with a Medisign specialization. As an expert in user-centered design and personalization, Lies ensures the user needs will be met in the medical product development projects.


Dune Innovation is growing our multi-disciplinary team. We are looking for Industrial Designers; Usability Engineers; Mechanical Engineers; experts in Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Manufacturing. An entrepreneurial mindset is key.


Senior Product Developer

Experts in Medical Device development who are looking to lead innovative projects and a young team will ove this role.