Medical Device Development training and coaching

We believe that we can increase the chance of success for medical innovations by continuous Learning, Sharing and Connecting with people from all different disciplines engaged in medical innovation.
For this reason the Dune Innovation team shares their knowledge and experience with professionals in our network. Dune Innovation trains and gives lectures on:

  • Medical Device Development in practice
  • User Centered Design methods
  • Frame Innovation in Healthcare settings
  • Multi-disciplinary innovation

We are learning, sharing and connecting with partners in our network, via Guest Lectures at, among others:

  • TU Delft  – Industrial Design Engineering – Medisign
  • TU Delft – 3ME – Technical Medicine
  • Erasmus MC – Experimental Medical Instrumentation (EMI)
  • Erasmus MC – Medtech Innovation Support Office (MISO)
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • LSH010 – breakfast event