Our process​

Our process enables us to apply an iterative design approach while complying with international Regulations. From the start we build the Design History File, ensuring efficient and effective compilation of the Technical File and dossiers for Regulatory submission at the end.

The Designer's paradox

This is called the co-evolution of understanding of problem and solution. The key principle of the activities in Discover phase.

you can’t think about solutions

until you understand the problem


you can’t understand the problem
until you think about solutions

Erasmus Medical Center departments


We work in close collaboration with the experts of Erasmus MC, at Experimental Medical Instrumentation (EMI); Medtech Innovation Support Office (MISO); Convergence and the Smart Health Tech Center (SHTC).

We are located in the same building and have access to their outstanding facilities and services. (copyright: Erasmus MC)


Erasmus MC – EMI has the following facilities:

  • Workshop with CNC turning and milling machines and micromechanical machining techniques.
  • 3D printers for various plastics.
  • Laser cutter for cutting plastic, wood and thin metal foils and to engrave and mark materials.
  • A facility for processing optical fibers and light sources and micro assembly.
  • An electronic workplace with electronic signal processing techniques.
  • Cleanroom facility for fabrication and assembly of sterilizable medical devices under clean conditions.